About me:

My name is Virginia Murr and I graduated summa cum laude from Rockford College with a B. A. in Philosophy (2007). Philosophy is one of my crowning passions and borderline obsessions. Philosophy underscores everything in my life from writing to child-rearing.

I worked for many years for the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and research in Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Political Economy, and related fields. Now I am a professional editor and writer.

I was honored to be the project manager of and a researcher for the DVD Nietzsche and the Nazis. My essays include: “The Price of Passivity: Hank Rearden’s Mind-body Dichotomy,” in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: A Philosophical and Literary Companion (Ashgate, 2007) and “Heroism Redefined: Integrating Mind and Emotion in Calumet ‘K’” in Capitalism and Commerce in Imaginative Literature (Lexington Books, 2016).

Karate is also an important aspect of my life. I have more than three decades of experience in karate (two decades as an instructor) and I hold a 6th degree black belt.


2 comments on “About

  1. Dear Virginia, thank you for your excellent essay about the novel “Calumet ‘K'” which I read in “Capitalism and Commerce in Imaginative Literature.” Your essay inspired me to buy the novel, which I read and enjoyed very much.
    One question: do you know what the letter ‘K’ stands for?
    Thank you again for introducing this wonderful book to me.
    Best regards,

    • Hi Peter:

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the essay and that it led you to the novel. I was fortunate that one of my mentors recommended the book to me a number of years ago.

      Regretfully, I can’t answer your question. Like you, I was curious about the meaning of the “K” – but was unable to find the answer in my peripheral research while writing the essay.

      Best Wishes,

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