Objectivism: A Whole Philosophy Considered

Ayn Rand’s fiction and nonfiction works have been read by millions of readers across the world. Like most philosophers, Rand has received much admiration as well as vitriol. Supporters of her philosophy, Objectivism, speak about ideas such as reason, individualism, and egoism. Detractors often speak of Objectivism as a belief that encourages egotism, which essentially […]

Daring Our Children to be Different

We have spent our whole lives shaping our beliefs and making decisions to guide ourselves to what we hope is a good life. Our children are infused with our beliefs and guided by the types of decisions we’ve made and the reasons why we made them. And, why not? We’ve spent our lives assessing the […]

Differentiating Selfishness and Self-Interest

In popular rhetoric, selfishness and self-interest are used almost interchangeably. If you say you did something out of self-interest, you will be vilified for a selfish ingrate. Yet, self-interest is written into the foundations of this country as an essential component to our inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So what […]